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What's included with the course?

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Nutrition 101

Nutrition 101 is designed for anyone interested in both understanding nutrition and looking for ways to change eating patterns and lifestyle habits. This course is designed for you to take a fresh look at UNDERSTANDING NUTRITION. Over the next 12 months, you will develop a new understanding of nutrition, its transition through your life cycle, and how it correlates to your everyday life. This course gives you a thorough foundation in basic nutrition so you can understand and implement healthy eating patterns and choices. You'll also learn about meal planning, guidelines for grocery shopping, safe food preparation, how to manage food allergies and intolerances, as well as how to promote healthy food choices in your family, community, or workplace.


What's included in your enrollment?

Online Course Access

This course is accessed online through a virtual classroom.

Recipe Library

You will have access to our online library filled with recipes for various meals and ethnic cuisines

Nutrition Textbook

You'll receive an ebook copy of the Textbook you can read online and download

Inspirational Teaching

You will be guided through this course by a CDC Certified Lifestyle Coach, Public Health Educator and Nutritionist.

30 Day Meal Plan

You will receive a customized  30day meal-plan.

Weekly Challenges

Every week will pose a new interactive challenge. For Example, you will learn to read a nutrition label and compare items for better nutritional value.

Educational Vidoes

I will provide you with videos for visual learning of the subjects for better understand.

Chapter Activities

Each chapter will have an activity so that you are able to apply real world experience to your learning.

Self Paced

This course is self paced so you have a full year to complete the learning on your own. In the event, you have questions, comments or concerns you may email me for assistance.

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