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UltraShape Power
Non-Invasive Body Contouring

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Ultrasonic vibrations are used to apply pressure to fat cells during this procedure. The pressure is strong enough to cause the fat cells to disintegrate and become liquid. The body can then excrete it as waste in the form of urine. Fat cells that have been broken down travel from the body to the liver, where they are expelled as waste. This procedure is used in conjunction with other weight loss treatments to aid in the removal of extra fat. It is an alternative way to get rid of body fat than other invasive procedures.


How Does it Work

Ultrashape Power is an FDA approved procedure that breaks down fat cells beneath the skin. 

It's a non-surgical way to get rid of cellulite and fat in certain areas of the body. Ultrasonic cavitation helps to reduce fat deposits in the body that are difficult to lose through exercise alone. This method, however, cannot be utilized as a stand-alone weight-loss procedure nor does it offer treatment of obesity.

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